Route One Farms

From humble beginnings they have grown to meet the demands of the community without sacrificing ideals of beauty, efficiency and productivity. They seek to farm the land in a way that is harmonious with nature. Route 1 farming practices include ample use of compost, cover crops, beneficial habitat, crop diversity and rotations to ensure the long-term viability and fertility of the land.
It is a crucial time in history when we have to find alternatives to conventional methods of production. Many of the methods and materials used in conventional agriculture have advanced (not really the right word) to the point where they are threatening the survival of many forms of life including the survival of small diverse organic family farming systems. For instance, the USDA and many of the States and universities at this point in time do not seem to think it is a big deal for seed stocks to become contaminated by genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). These patented crops are being put, uncontrolled, into the environment which are cross pollinating with non–GMO crops that we depend on to produce our seed with. For this reason Route 1 has made the Safe Seed Pledge and also pledge to do their part to spread awareness and inform constituents of this danger. They urge us all to inform yourselves and to get involved.