Native Revival


Nancy Scarborough is the nursery manager and organizes all of the educational programs and outreach that Native Revival conducts. Brendan Hiruma joined the Nursery via UC Santa Cruz and is in charge of propagation and plant production. Allison Dearatanha is the Farmers' Market Liaison and has been in Horticulture for over 30 years - you will find her weekly at the Westside Farmers' Market where you can pick her brain and learn about the various services Native Revival can offer.

This small but skilled team that comprise Native Revival Nursery choose indigenous plants which grow well in our area with little water or maintenance. They have a great interest in helping customers increase the carrying capacity of their yards by offering plants that have a wealth of wildlife value. "Many people are not aware that often commercially grown plants are clones that offer little wildlife benefits" says owner Erin O’Doherty. At Native Revival their goal is to offer plants that provide genetic diversity, aesthetic interest AND food and habitat for wildlife.


Native Revival Nursery was started 25 years ago focusing on the wildlife habitat and sustainability of California native plants. Two or three decades ago there were very few resources for these plants - Native Revival helped to promote and pave the way for California Natives to become mainstream in landscaping today. The Nursery is based out of Aptos and specializes in drought tolerant, low maintenance California Native plants. They offer classes, consultations, landscape design and installation and sell natives at the Westside Farmers' Market seasonally. Native Revival also has a wonderful garden shop highlighting locally made products such as furniture by local craftsmen and artwork by regional artists.