Lone Oak Ranch

Owner:Dale Simmons and JoLaVonne ViDeaune

Dale Simmons and JoLaVonne ViDeaune own and manage Lone Oak Ranch, with the assistance of three additional family members. They employ three full-time, year-round workers and four full-time workers during peak season.


Lone Oak Ranch is a small family farm located in Reedley, California. Dale Simmons is a fourth-generation farmer who works with his sons to keep the family tradition alive.


100 acres in Reedley, Tulare County, CA.


Proud growers for over four generations, Dale Simmons and JoLaVonne ViDeaune have a long legacy of family farming. In the 1870s, Dale's great-great-grandparents acquired 720 acres in California, built a home constructed of local redwood, and grew figs, peaches, and wheat. Throughout the years, the land was subdivided among family memebers, yet the family farming tradition continued. Of Dale and JoLaVonne's four children, two are involved in Lone Oak Ranch operations, and Dale's brother farms the original farmstead. JoLaVonne takes pride in the fact that she raised her family on fresh, wholesome meals free of chemicals. She maintains the same high standards for her cutomers. "If I wouldn't serve it to my children," she says, "then I won't sell it at market."

Pest Management:

Integrated pest management.


Compost and manure on sandy loam.

Water Use:

Well water.

Weed Control:

Mechanical and hand cultivation.