Flying Disc Ranch

Five of the varieties grown originated in North Africa and the Middle East: Medjhool (Morocco), Derrie (Iraq), Barhi (Iraq), Zahidi (Libya) and Deglet Noor (Algeria). Four seedling varieties are unique to the farm: Cire, Amber, Long Skinny, and Blonde Bombshell. Dates cannot be hybridized. That is why Robert started growing them in 1974.
Citrus is one of Robert’s favorite fruits. Growing up in Santa Barbara, California he had citrus all year long. On the farm we have twelve different varieties. We offer two types for sale: Marsh Ruby Blush Grapefruit is the first. Pink flesh, few seeds. Beautiful color and flavor. The second is the Temple Orange (also known as Royal Mandarin), largest of the Mandarin varieties. They have a thin skin, aromatic luscious flesh with seeds.