Farmhouse Culture

Owner:Kathryn Lukas
Contact: 303 Potrero St. #01A
Santa Cruz, CA  95060

Farmhouse Culture continues to grow, and they're now a team of 15 headed by the founder, Kathryn Lukas.


Farmhouse Culture was founded in 2008 by Kathryn Lukas, a well-traveled chef trained in natural culinary arts. Lukas discovered krauts soon after she opened her restaurant in Stuttgart, Germany. “Tasting fresh sauerkraut straight from the barrel was a revelation,” she recalls. “I started adding it to everything.”

Recognizing the world of difference in flavor and nutritional value between artisanal krauts and those that are industrially produced, she launched Farmhouse Culture to introduce a product that is both flavorful and representative of California.


At Farmhouse Culture they believe in preserving local, farm fresh vegetables the old fashioned way. Lactic acid fermentation, also known as “culturing” is a time honored, farmhouse tradition used for centuries to preserve and extend the harvest.

Inspired by the cultural diversity that defines California cuisine, they've created a line of "re-imagined" regional krauts and kimchis. At the heart of our business is the desire to celebrate and showcase California food culture.

Their dedication to sustainable agriculture and fresh, probiotic foods means they constantly work to educate customers about how the choices they make affect the world around them, and their stomachs! They hold kraut-making workshops in the fall of every year, and provide kraut making advice via e-mail to people around the world on a regular basis. They're always open about why we choose to use a certain kind of packaging, or a specific process to make their krauts.


Most of their cabbage comes from Route 1 and Lakeside Organics, but they source vegetables from a variety of local farms. Their certified organic krauts are made using certified organic veggies and herbs! They strive to do business locally wherever possible. They focus on local ingredients and regional flavors for our krauts, but also source our packaging and supplies from California companies.


Farmhouse Culture's krauts tend to be a bit cheaper at the markets, and they also offer $1 off each pint if you buy three or more! Also their famous kraut juice is available only at farmers’ markets.