El Salchichero

Owner:Chris LaVeque
Contact: 402 Ingalls st. ste. #5
Santa Cruz, CA  95060

El Salchochero was started by Chris LaVeque back in 2010. He employs his mom, dad and sister, it's pretty rad! On top of that they have 4 full time butchers.


El Salchichero is committed to completely sustainable practices. All the animals have been raised on pasture in a stress free environment. Enough to make anyone jealous! They roam on lush rolling hills, amidst panoramic ocean views and are shaded by towering oaks and redwoods within the Santa Cruz foodshed. The meat tastes different. Animals that are raised without stress and chemicals taste rich, full and more complex. The way meat was meant to originally taste.


They are a traditional Butcher shop that utilizes only local, sustainably raised animals. They're trying to bring back a dying art while having fun.


All their herbs, chilis, spices and other ingredients are organic and locally sourced from: N-A Ranch, Devils Gulch Ranch, Ratay Ranch, Marin Sun Farms, Lindencroft Farm, Dirty Girl Produce, Route 1, Lonely Mountain, Live Earth and Groundswell Farms.