Condor’s Hope Ranch

Owner:Steve, Robbie and Erin Gliessman

Steve, Robbie and Erin Gliessman
"Condor’s Hope gets the whole family together. It’s a bond. A way for all of us to connect. And now it is taking off—and I think it will all fall into place. It’s now become my dream—and a learning process too."
"Condor’s Hope is a place of community. A beautiful location where family and friends gather to be part of nature and enjoy the fruits of our labor together. It’s a time and place for me to tune into what I truly value."
"I have always dreamed of having our own family farm, and a place where the agroecology that I teach becomes a reality. Condor’s Hope has become that place, where each time I place my hands in the soil, prune a vine, or harvest a bunch of grapes, I am nourished by the land, by family, and by community."


Among the blue oaks and chaparral, Condor's Hope Ranch is nestled at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Santa Barbara County. In this region, condors are being released to soar once again after returning from the brink of extinction. The name captures the hope embodied by the condor's resurgence and the care of the environment needed for all of us to flourish.
The four acres of Condor's Hope dry-farmed grapes are grown in ways that respect and protect the natural surroundings. Winemaker JP Pawloski works with these grapes to transform their deep, zesty flavor into high quality wines that bring the essence of old California to your lips.
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4 acres

Pest Management:

Integrated pest management and biodynamic techniques.

Water Use:

Dry farming greatly reduces water use.