CACOCO Drinking Chocolate

CACOCO joined the Downtown Farmers’ Market in 2016 and has been serving hot drinking chocolate for all to enjoy. Co-owners Liam Blackmon, Tony Portugal and Erik Koon, who process and blend their cacao in Santa Cruz mean to honor the ancient tradition of preparing cacao as a molten chocolate vitality elixir with wholesome herbs and spices.

Unlike the standard ingredients in most store bought and served coffee which includes processed cocoa powder, cane sugar and milk, CACOCO adds organic herbs and spices like tumeric and cardamom or reishi mushrooms to embolden their drink. For sweetener they use low-glycemic coconut sugar. Mix all of this with water and bam, you have a nutrition, yummy, energizing drink.

The CACOCO team has build relationships with beyond-organic farms in Ecuador that grow cacao via systems that improve the health of the environment and respect the people who work with the plants. Their packaging materials are made of recycled materials and are compostable – supporting their vision of a planet where natural ecosystems are managed intelligently and resources are utilized conservatively.