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Welcome Chef Gema Cruz to the 2019 Pop-Up Breakfast line up. A long-standing talent heading up the kitchen at Gabriella Cafe for many years, we are so pleased to feature her this season. Owner Paul Cocking and Chef Cruz have supported the local farmers’ markets for decades, know many regional farms personally and are well-loved for their quaint, charming, home-like restaurant on Cedar Street in Downtown Santa Cruz.

Established in 1992, Gabriella Cafe is a staple of the the local food scene and a pioneer in their commitment to purchasing produce direct from farmers year round. Paul served on the board of the Santa Cruz Community Farmers’ Markets for several years and is seen in his old Chevy truck loading up crates of broccolini, citrus, greens and root vegetables every Wednesday at the market.


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When purchasing your Pop-Up Breakfast tickets please consider buying raffle tickets. These gifts will help your neighborhood farmers’ markets thrive. Each ticket will be entered into a raffle for a $50 farmers’ market gift certificate. The economy for the small farm has always been challenging. With labor issues, growing competition and extreme weather, farmers are increasingly vulnerable. More than ever we at SCCFM are working to keep operation costs as low as possible for the grower, minimizing the financial burden they bare. In response, we are exploring new and exciting avenues to diversify our base of support. This includes turning to our community, and fans of regional agriculture, to sustain and grow our educational programs and the markets at large.

NOTE * The Santa Cruz Community Farmers’ Market is a 501(c)6 membership-based non-for-profit. With this status all donation MUST fund our programs but they are NOT tax deductible.

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