Time: 9a–1p
Day: Sunday, Closed Dec. 24 and 31
Months: Year-round
Location: 15th & Eastcliff Dr
Features: ,

Started in 2000, this neighborhood market has grown to be a weekly event that is loved by the communities of Live Oak, Pleasure Point and Capitola. Now in its eighth season as a year round market, you will find an excellent selection of organic produce from local farms, tree ripened fruits, dried fruit and nuts, baked goods, pastries, seafood, pasture-raised organic meats and more. The market is also the epicenter of the clean food movement, showcasing amazing Sunday brunch offerings like smoked, pastured-raised local pork and egg street tacos and cook-to order custom traditional Michoacan Mexican dishes using fresh organic ingredients. This is your Sunday destination.

Market Match

Market Match offers farmers’ market customers a dollar-for-dollar match up to $10 on their CalFresh (food stamp) cards at the Live Oak Market. If a customer swipes their CalFresh card for seven dollars, they get seven dollars in Market Match tokens for free. Swipe $10, you get $10. The goal of this project is to encourage CalFresh (EBT/SNAP) recipients to take advantage of fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables. By offering an incentive that lowers the price of fresh produce, we are helping shoppers stretch their food dollars while keeping their families healthy. SCCFM will be offering the Market Match program for the 2018 season. Locate the information booth and the market manager to redeem EBT coins and to participate in the Market Match Program.

ANNOUNCEMENT! In recognition of CalFresh Awareness Month the Felton and Live Oak markets are once again offering a DOUBLE MATCH program during the month of MAY, or until funds are exhausted, offering two Market Match tokens for every EBT token up to ten dollars. Ten dollars of EBT becomes thirty dollars at the Felton and Live Oak markets in May. EBT and Market Match transactions at these two markets nearly doubled between 2015 and 2016 (the pilot year) and then again between 2016 and 2017, suggesting that this program has a substantial impact. Onsite CalFresh application assistance will be available. Thank you to the Santa Cruz County Human Services Department and Second Harvest Food Bank for making it possible!