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The FoodShed Project (FSP) is an education and outreach program of the Santa Cruz Community Farmers’ Markets (SCCFM) which highlights the significant work being rolled out by farmers, food artisans and community partners in the nearest regions of our foodshed. Check out some photos to get a feel for these events which offer interactive mini-classes, hands-on activities and storytelling at the market. All events are free, family friendly and hosted at the Downtown Santa Cruz Farmers’ Market. Presentations run 3-4pm. Music and other festivities 4-5pm.

What is a Food Shed?

A foodshed is a geographic region that supplies a population center with food. The term is often used to describe the movement of food from producer to consumer (Hedden,1929) considering all points along the way including labor, processing, transport, waste and so on.

Our Events

Using the public space of SCCFM farmers’ markets, FSP orchestrates a free event each month in which tastings, talks, music, cooking demonstrations, and family-focused activities spotlight seasonal food items, the vendors growing them, the cooks using them and the cultural and historical role they have played in this region. Our goal is to promote relationship building among farmers, restaurants, grocers, individuals and organizations through the frame of ecological farming and food justice.

The monthly events of the Foodshed Project are hosted at the Downtown Santa Cruz Farmers’ Market the second Wednesday of each month between June and September. The majority of presenters at these events are the farmers and vendors who, through their stories and activities, illuminate the history of specific foods and agricultural practices while putting delicious tastings of pesto and honeyed pastries in the hands of customers.

FSP also partners with food-focused organizations, offering a venue for local leaders, young and old, to educate the community about food justice issues and inspire us to make the most informed consumer decisions possible within the global foodshed we are a part of.

Please contact Nicki Zahm with questions or if you would like to volunteer, education@santacruzfarmersmarket.org or (831) 325-4294.

The FoodShed Project 2016 Event Calendar – 2017 Calendar TBA

June 8th 3pm
SWANTON BERRY FARM propelled organic strawberry growing into the spotlight in the 1970s and they are still at it. At this pie party, they shed light on local strawberry history while COMPANION BAKESHOP knocks your socks off with tasty pastry pandemonium – free pie all around!

COWABUNGA! July 13th 3pm
LEFTCOAST GRASS FED (Tomkat Ranch) reveals the true value of pasture-raised beef and the trials and tribulations of their one-of-a-kind project in Pescadero. Then, magician of a chef KEVIN KOEBEL heads up a YOU make-it and taste-it demo – meatballs, meat burgers, meet you there.

MARRY ME BLACKBERRY, August 10th 3pm
PREVEDELLI FARM and the PENNY ICE CREAMERY are in cahoots at this blackberry bonanza. Growing berries in Watsonville for nearly a century, the Prevedelli Family offers bramble basics and regional history. Then, taste that glorious blackberry flavor folded into artisanal ice cream arrangements.

YOU’RE A DREAM MICRO GREEN, September 14th 3pm
Santa Cruz County micro green expert Sandra Ward of NEW NATIVES shares the ins and outs about growing these nutrient dense, flavor-filled shoots. Then, chef Kevin Koebel of LOCAL FATT puts them to work in spicy, savory, salubrious combinations…just for you. Taste what’s possible and then make it at home.

Youth graduates from local food justice organization FOODWHAT head up fun, educational activities for all ages — 3 to 103 — at the FOODSHED PROJECT events.