In 2013 a conversation took place between SCCFM and an employee of Hope Services attending the first of our Pop-Up Breakfasts – an idea ignited. This spark eventually brought us a wonderful gift – a partnership with this awesome local agency and the “Food of the Week” project. The project continued for about three years and as a result we have a wonderful library of short films highlighting farmers and food at the markets. Thank you Hope Services and all of the talented and enthusiastic people involved!

Hope Services has worked with adults with developmental disabilities in Santa Cruz County for many years and wanted to get involved in local agriculture. After meetings and conversation the “Food of the Week” short film project was born. Each week a team of outstanding individuals who make up the film crew at Hope Services visit us at the Downtown Farmers’ Market. Together they capture great footage and information about a seasonal food item and a farm that is growing and selling the crop in our region. At times the Food of the Week also spotlights food artisans – butchers, chefs and the folks at market who take raw ingredients and turn them into delicious, ready-to-eat meals or other treats like preserves or cured meat.

These short films capture fun, interesting information like how to crack open two walnuts at the same time with just one hand and the best way to pry the seeds out of a pomegranate. They also offer up an opportunity for the audience to learn more about specific farms in the membership and to experience the charm and skill of the Hope Services Team.

Click below to enjoy our short films.

November 2017

Hard Cider with Santa Cruz Cider

October 2017

Plants with Pacific Rare Plants

Wine and Cheese Tasting with Condor’s Hope Winery and Stepladder Farm

September 2017

Mutsu Apples with Prevedelli Farm

Asian Pears with Lone Oak Ranch

  • On Break

July 2017

Charentais Melons with Happy Boy Farms

June 2017

Strawberry Lemonade with Serendipity Farms

Blenheim Apricots with Apricot King Orchards

May 2017

Medicinal Herbs with Old House Farm

Blueberry Jam with Triple Delight Blueberries

Green Garlic with Live Earth Farm

April 2017

Pea Tendrils with Serendipity Farm

Raw Milk with Claravale Farm

Sheep Cheese with Garden Variety Cheese

March 2017

Passion Fruit with Stepladder Farm

Sour Fruit Strips with Ashby Confections

Frisee with Route 1 Farms

February 2017

Popcorn with Mello-Dy Ranch

Tangelos with Twin Girls Farm

Brussels Sprouts with Rodoni Farm

Handmade Soap with Garimo’s Real Soap

January 2017

Fruit Conserve with Frog Hollow Farm

Biodynamic Farming and Tinctures with Blossom’s Farm

Dinosaur Kale with Dirty Girl Produce

December 2016

Hubbard Squash with Windmill Farm

Narcissus Flowers with Bill the Bulb Barron

Wheatgrass with New Natives Farm

November 2016

Tokyo and Purple Top Turnips with Happy Boy Farms

Purslane with Four Sisters Farm

October 2016

Berry Pie with Swanton Berry Farm

Japanese Eggplant with Route 1 Farms

Savory and Sweet Crepes with Delicious Crepes

September 2016

Red Italian Garlic with Casalegno Farm

Cucuzza Italian Squash with Old House Farm

Quince with Mello-dy Farm

Shishito Peppers with Groundswell Farm

August 2016

Bok Choi with Blue Heron Farm

Hungarian Round Peppers with Live Earth Farm

Blackberries with Prevedelli Farm

July 2016

The Art Table at the Downtown SC Farmers’ Market

Onions with Molino Creek Farm

Pottery at the Market

June 2016

Fresh Beans with Dirty Girl Produce

Olive Tapenade with Good Faith Farm

Summer Squash with Happy Boy Farms

May 2016

Seasonal Jams with Friend in Cheeses

Snow Peas with Rodoni Farms

Gut Shots/Fermented Beverages with Farmhouse Culture

April 2016

Blueberries with Serendipity Farm

Garden Starts with Old House Farm

Fermented Hot Sauce with BURN

March 2016

Ranunculus with Blue Heron Farm

Thyme with Route 1 Farms

Pasture Raised Chickens and All of Their Parts with Fogline Farm

February 2016

Artisanal Pizza with Uncie Ro’s

Celery Root with Live Earth Farm

Popcorn with Mello-Dy Ranch

January 2016

Cherimoya with Brokaw Ranch

Eritrean Food with The Red Sea

Italian Chard with Four Sisters Farm

December 2015

Smoked Padron Pepper Rub with Santa Cruz Farm

Mushrooms with Ortiz

Wine with Condor’s Hope Winery

November 2015

Rainbow Carrots with Windmill Farm

Cauliflower with Happy Boy Farms

Tomato Preserves with Dirty Girl Produce

October 2015

Romanesco with Rodoni Farms

Jujubes with Twin Girls Farm

Sunchokes with Route 1 Farms

September 2015

Pie with Companion Bakeshop

Drinking Chocolate with CaCoCo

August 2015

Bone Broth with The Kitchen Witch

Dry Farm Tomatoes with Molino Creek

Flavored Almonds with Stackhouse Bros.

July 2015

New Potatoes with Old House Farm

Rhubarb with Swanton Berry Farm

Raisins with Schmidt Farm

Grapes with Lone Oak Ranch

June 2015

Artisanal Chocolates with Ashby Confections

Blackberries with Prevedelli Farm

Bone Broth with Kitchen Witch

May 2015

Apricots with Frog Hollow Farm

Sugar Snap Peas with Happy Boy Farms

April 2015

English Shelling Peas with Route 1 Farms

Fruit to Farm Popsicles with Inzane Pops

March 2015

Green Garlic with Live Earth Farm

Bearrs Limes with Rodoni Farm

Leeks with Dirty Girl Produce

February 2015

Honey with Aptos Apiaries

Bread with Companion Bakeshop

January 2015

Pomelos with Twin Girl Farms

Narcissus with Bill the Bulb Baron

December 2014

Kiwis with Four Sisters Farm

Crabs with H & H Fresh Fish

November 2014

Collard Greens with Windmill Farm

Grass Fed Beef with LeftCoast GrassFed

Tacos with Back Porch

October 2014

Sauerkraut with Farmhouse Culture

Interview with the Bike Valet

Potatoes with Route 1 Farms

Asian Pears with Lone Oak Ranch

September 2014

Ice Cream with the Penny Ice Creamery

Oysters with H & H Fresh Fish

Interview with the Market Manager

August 2014

Melons with Pinnacle Farm

Cucumbers with Blue Heron Farm

July 2014

Blenheim Apricots with the Apricot King

Padron Peppers with Groundswell Farm

Sweet Corn with Happy Boy Farms

June 2014

Olives with Good Faith Farm

Carrots with Live Earth Farm

Charcuterie with El Salchichero

Bubbly Beverages with 3 of a Kind

May 2014

Seafood with H & H Fresh Fish

Dates with Flying Disc Ranch

Avocados with Brokaw Nursery

April 2014

Garden Starts with Cole Canyon

Artisanal Cheeses with Garden Variety

Flowers with Blue Heron Farm

Artichokes with Rodoni Farm

March 2014

Kale with Windmill Farm

Almonds with Massa Organics

Asparagus with Hog Farm

Strawberries with Swanton Berry Farm

February 2014

Guavas with Brokaw Nursery

Pasture Raised Duck Eggs with Mello-Dy Ranch

Watermelon Radishes with Happy Boy Farms

Chicories with Dirty Girl Farm

January 2014

Blood Oranges with Lone Oak Ranch

Arugula with Route 1 Farms

Microgreens with New Natives

December 2013

Pomegranates with Twin Girls Farm

Walnuts with The Walnut Farm

Persimmons with Casalegno Farm

November 2013

Winter Squash with Live Earth Farm

Apples with Prevedelli Farm

Pasture-Raised Meats with Fogline Farm