How lucky are we to invite Mountain Feed and Farm Supply back for another season of kick-butt, information packed, entertaining, skill building, fun and funny preservation classes set at the sweet and charming Felton and Scotts Valley farmers’ markets. This year we’ll be hosting a series of crop-focused demos in which the audience learns the essentials and the tricks when it comes to STRAWBERRIES in MAY, ZUCCHINIS in JUNE, APPLES in SEPTEMBER and PUMPKINS in OCTOBER. These workshops are FREE and lead by the outstanding Mountain Feed staff. Jessica Tunis is an excellent teacher and has spent hundreds of hours with her hands deep in brine, squished berries, bubbling concoctions and other food projects. When it comes to making magic happen with the bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables from the markets, these are the folks you want to have on your team.

In addition, and for the first time, Mountain Feed & Farm Supply rolls out a new series titled BRINGING THE HARVEST HOME. These classes focus on preserving pantry staples in quantity using fresh flats of produce direct from farms at the market and delivered to participants at Mountain Feed on the class date. The goal of this series is to facilitate relationships between farmers, markets, and home-preservers, as well as to fill local pantries with peak local produce for use all year long. These classes are two-hours and each participant goes home empowered with a recipe, a flat of produce, a case of jars and the tools and skills needed to preserve the abundance of the season in bulk. An opportunity to launch folks into a life-long, fruitful relationship with preservation and regional farms – these classes are $60.00 each and require pre-registration. Sign up early as space is limited. See details for all events below. View more robust class descriptions and register HERE.

MAY 1 – Classic Strawberry Jam
JUNE  – Fermented Zucchini Pickle
SEPTEMBER 18 – Apple Sauce, A Well Loved Standard
OCTOBER 23 – Pumpkin Syrup for all purposes

MAY 5 – Probiotic Blueberry Soda with the Ginger Bug
SEPTEMBER 8 – Apple Sauce, A Well Loved Standard

MAY 12 – Strawberry Jam: water bath canning method, low-sugar jams and natural pectins, strawberry jam recipe.
AUGUST 11 – Canning Tomatoes: blanching, removing skins, salt and acid parameters, water-bath canning, food safety and alternative tomato recipes such as soup, tomato paste, ketchup and tomato sauce.
OCTOBER 6 – Hard Cider: grinding and pressing fresh apples into juice, fermentation and bottling.